Finalists Announcement! 2019-2020 Reader Views Reviewer’s Choice Awards

Finalists Announcement! 2019-2020 Reader Views Reviewer’s Choice Awards 1024 576 Reader Views

It has been a fierce competition again this year due to the amazing quality of most of the participating books. As usual we can only select a few finalists, and as usual it’s proving to be a very difficult task again this year! So, we wish all the finalists’ good luck, knowing that in our hearts and minds you all are winners. All participants should know that in most cases a VERY SMALL margin determined the finalists. We also had many tie scores this year! So, be proud of your book and your accomplishment.

Finalists, as you wait for the winner’s announcement, there are few things you can do to get ready and make the most of your status!

·       Those of you that have printed copies, check out the link included in your finalist notice (it will come to you via email) to order stickers for your books covers. This year we are ahead of the game, LOL, and have the stickers in stock, so we are ready!

·       Once the final placements are announced, we will be producing award certificates, to be emailed along with a digital copy of the sticker seal. This is the time to begin to contact your publishers to find out what you need to do to add the seal to your digital book covers.

·       Literary Awards give credibility to your title! Make the most of your expert status and give author interviews, publish articles, and share your knowledge with upcoming new authors. Giving back is the best way to promote your work!

·       Plan your strategy for spreading the news about your accomplishment! Announcements to the media can be made through press releases and their launch can be coordinated with a social media campaign. We can help, check out our author services to see what you can add to your review.

Everyone who entered the program should be proud of being a participant as you have accomplished something most people do not. You not only wrote and published a book – you also endured the critical examination of three lines of judges! Use quotes of your review and share the knowledge you acquired during the process to make the most of the experience and keep writing!

Sheri Hoyte and Susan Violante

Managing Editors
Reader Views/Reader Views Kids

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