We provide quick and affordable editorial services to meet your needs. Choosing to have your work edited will increase your chances of getting published. A manuscript that is properly edited will more than likely attract an established agent or publisher.  Our skilled editors give personalized service and ongoing support. We have the same goal  as yours – to see your work published. The editor will work closely with you to create the most cost-effective package. Each editor has their own way of working with the writer and will give a quote according to your needs.

Manuscript Critique/Evaluation

An overall assessment of your work. We will flag problem areas and make suggestions for improvement, but we will not offer line-by-line revision advice. Fee will be quoted after examination of work. Most work can be finished within fifteen (15) days of receipt of manuscript.


Proofreading is the most basic of editing functions. It checks for typos, punctuation/spelling mistakes, formatting errors and other minor problems. Fee will be quoted after examination of work.

Copy Editing

Corrects grammar, punctuation and spelling errors as well as logic and continuity problems. Fee will be quoted after examination of work.

Line Editing

Checks each sentence for paragraphing, structure, dialog and word usage to ensure a smoothly flowing document. Fee will be quoted after examination of work.

Content Editing

This is also known as substantive editing and is a modified mix of proofreading, copy and line editing. Since all three are done at once, the corrections may be less exacting than the ones that go through either a proofreading and/or a copy or line edit first. Fee will be quoted after examination of work.


  • Before we begin any work, we will estimate the charges. We do this by reviewing a sample of your document to determine the work required.

  • If you require a quicker turnaround than quoted, we will provide you with an accelerated rate.

  • Document is to be sent in Word doc. It will be returned to you with corrections noted in "track changes."

  • An additional charge of $50.00 will be added if you want a hard copy of your corrected manuscript. It will be mailed via USPS, Priority Mail with a tracking number.

  • All manuscripts must be double spaced, Times New Roman font, type size 12, one inch margins on all sides.

  • The most essential part: Your name, address and phone number should be typed on the upper left corner of your manuscript and the number of words directly beneath that.

  • Payment may be made via PayPal (cc accepted), check or U. S. M.O. Your check must clear before work begins. Payment must be made before work begins.

  • If you have any more questions, please write to us at admin@readerviews.com.