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Susan Violante
Managing Editor

I have been known for wanting to have my hands in everything (especially when I was younger and an avid multitasker). Aging and experience has taught me though, that sometimes delegating is the best solution. However, delegating doesn’t mean not being involved! We must learn how things are done to know that our delegates are doing things right. But learning is not accomplished in one sitting. We must also update ourselves as technology updates every day! Therefore, the DIY trend sometimes can be daunting. Lucky for us many professionals in the Publishing and PR world are sharing key points about the business as content for their blogs, how to books, workshops and other platforms.

Granted, it is difficult if not impossible to keep up with an infinite number of websites, classes, books and guides. So, I decided to share how I do it.

Prioritize Your Focus

First, I determine which aspects of my business I must keep myself on top with. I decided that I needed to always be updated on Business strategies and tools, Marketing and PR strategies and tools, and Project management tools.

Think Local

Then, I look for what is available locally, like, Writers League of Texas, Author To influencer DIY Community, Writing Groups for all levels…etc. Some of these have fees, some them don’t. The trick is to budget and spend in what offers the most and that you know you can commit to. It is in events that I attended and mentorships that I was lucky enough to find that I found the best tools to keep moving forward.

 Make a Commitment of your Time

To find what worked for me, I had to commit time to research. Google and I are besties. I not only use Google for research, I also use the Google tools as needed. It is through Google that I found software to schedule social media posts, project management, marketing, and even writing to keep me organized.

DIY does not imply isolating yourself as you try to keep up with all the different hats. It means building a support system so that you can manage your efforts along with the efforts of your delegates wisely and efficiently. PR By the Book’s Accelerator, Score, and Google are amazing as they inform me, inspire me, and guide me through the maze of a DIY and small business to help me grow. Only by exploring we find the best path to our goals. Fill that path with supportive allies!

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