Digital Magazine Ads – Why and When They Should Be Used

Digital Magazine Ads – Why and When They Should Be Used 1024 576 Reader Views
Susan Violante
Managing Editor

Publicity strategizing many times includes advertising in print format publications or digital magazines. But how can we decide when, where and how? With the relaunch of our old book catalog into a new digital magazine format this month, I have taken the plunge into the digital advertising realm completely. It’s not that printed advertising doesn’t work…it is all about getting a better result with a realistic budget. Below are some tips on what to consider when planning a digital advertising:

  • Target your book’s market. Sometimes honing to a specific target will do the trick.  Online marketing targeting can make all the difference! Think about it. How can an Indie Sci-Fi eBook author benefit from spending hundreds of dollars on a small ad on Publisher Weekly? Yes, Publisher Weekly is a big source of information, and I for one believe it to be an asset to subscribe to if you are an author, publisher, bookstore, etc., but the Indie Sci-Fi eBook will probably will not get any readers directly from that ad. It might, on a strike of luck, get noticed by a bookstore, but listing at the online windows of any bookstore can be done without that expense. However, buying an ad of the same size in a Sci-Fi Magazine where sci-fi enthusiasts subscribe might make more sense. Same with catalogs!
  • Look of the publication – When a book is published, there is a large amount of dollars that get invested on the look of the book. Cover design and book design can actually make the difference when it comes to calling the attention of a possible buyer. So why shouldn’t we use the selling tool we just spent hundreds of dollars on when it comes to advertising? Is it really worth investing in a boring and overloaded book-list type of catalog or going with a reader friendly magazine which showcases the book covers in its listings through color and layout?
  • Go interactive! – Sometimes the size matters, but being online interactive is better. If the possible buyer has the ad on their computer or iPhone screen, and they are interested, being able to click somewhere for more info or to buy book will make the sell.
  • Finally, online distribution of publication. – Will the catalog get lost in the spam black hole or will it go to a subscriber’s inbox? That is the question! Don’t be afraid to ask before purchasing the listing about who and how the digital catalog or magazine is received.

In the end, shooting blanks is not only expensive; it is a waste of time. It is better to make the most of your promotion budget by taking the time to research, strategize and create a guide to follow for each book published. Keeping the promotional relationships and being consistent when publishing more than one book will help in the long run to create a fan-based platform able to support an author’s dream.

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