Defeating Reading Slumps

Defeating Reading Slumps: A Novel Approach

Defeating Reading Slumps: A Novel Approach 1024 576 Reader Views

by Sheri Hoyte, Managing Editor

Ever found yourself in a reading slump? You’re not alone. It’s that bizarre phase when the act of reading feels more like a chore than a joy. A reading slump isn’t just a lack of interest in reading. It can be a mix of mental fatigue, external stresses, and even an overexposure to repetitive storylines. It’s the reader’s equivalent of writer’s block!

The journey to defeating a reading slump begins with a shift in perspective. Instead of seeing it as an obstacle, consider it an invitation to rekindle and deepen your passion for literature. Ready to embark on this reading revival? Let’s take a look at some strategies to defeat reading slumps:

Redefining Reading

Who said reading is only valid if it’s from a 400-page novel, a literary masterpiece, or the latest bookstagram trend? Explore different mediums and formats – comic strips, fanfiction, blog posts, or even well-constructed Twitter threads (or are they called X’s now)? This exploration might just reignite your passion for storytelling in its myriad forms.

Incorporate Multimedia

Optimize your digital toolkit. Pair reading with a relevant podcast, a movie adaptation, or even a playlist that matches the book’s vibe. Many authors even include playlists with their stories. Making reading a multi-sensory experience can bring a new level of depth to your engagement with the text. I like to take advantage of Amazon Whispersync (not an affiliate promo, I just like it), allowing me to switch back and forth between the eBook and audiobook formats. If anyone’s read an AR (Augmented Reality) or VR (Virtual Reality) books, I’d love to hear about your experience!

Explore Interactive Literature

Choose-your-own-adventure books or interactive fiction apps can provide a stimulating reading experience where you’re not just an observer but a participant influencing the narrative. I had a lot of fun recently reading the Dark School series by Matti Silver, a very dark paranormal fantasy adventure. I will admit to cheating frequently though and changing my choices because I often made bad ones, resulting in the death of my character. Still, it was a lot of fun!

Thematic Reading

Do you tend to pick random books to read? Why not create a reading list around a theme you’re curious about? It could be as specific as ‘sailing adventures’ or as broad as ‘human resilience.’ This method provides an overarching purpose to your reading, reigniting your intellectual curiosity.

Another Innovative Approach: The Reverse Book Club

Are you in a book club? Instead of everyone reading the same title, start a reverse book club where each member reads a different book on the same theme. This way, you benefit from diverse narratives while reading just one book. Beware though, this method could significantly add to your TBR pile as you’ll be introduced to multiple new books each month!

Incorporate Reading into your Exercise Routine

 If you enjoy workouts, integrate reading into this routine. For example, you can read while on a stationary bike or treadmill, or listen to audiobooks during a run or while on a hike. You can even get physical with your book club, discussing the latest book while walking or jogging together. And don’t forget lunch afterwards!

Book Pairings

Just like food and wine, try pairing your books with a particular type of music, tea, or even a location (like a park or cozy café). The right ambiance can make the reading experience more enjoyable. Anyone have any pairings they can share?

I’ll start: As you navigate the streets of 18th-century Paris in “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr (highly recommended, by the way), a calming chamomile tea offers a serene contrast to the book’s intensity.

Book-Related Hobbies

Engage in hobbies that revolve around books, such as bookbinding, cover art painting, or writing book reviews (email me for more information on the last item)! This involvement in the book creation process might offer you a fresh perspective on reading.

Join the Conversation

Defeating a reading slump is a journey many of us embark on, but everyone’s path can be different. Do you have unique tips, book recommendations, or personal experiences that helped you reignite your passion for reading? Share them in the comments on the blog or on our social media channels. Your insights could be just what another reader needs to kick their slump to the curb!

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