Corona Pandemic – What Can We Writers Do?

Corona Pandemic – What Can We Writers Do? 1024 576 Reader Views
Susan Violante
Managing Editor

Well after being self-quarantined for almost a month, and now following the shelter in place order; my restless mind has totally taken over my days and nights. I worry about my elderly parents living in my home, I worry about my daughters, as they both have to work still (even if part-time is at home), one with the Texas government, the other with a federal hospital. Although they both live here in Austin, I can’t see them because they are afraid of coming home and exposing us to the virus. I find it harder and harder to focus as I also worry for relatives in Italy, Florida, Venezuela and many other US States. So how am I coping? As best as I can!

·       I am putting my business hat down long enough to do some gardening, play with my dogs, and sit at the table to eat with my parents and my husband every day.

·       I am using FaceTime and Social Media to keep in contact with loved ones, joke around, and even do virtual happy hours with friends’ groups, instead of just following the news.

·       I am trying to feel productive for myself but also for others, so I am still working from home, and even began making masks for loved ones, and to donate locally.

·       Finally, I also am putting my writer hat back on to document this historical moment firsthand as I think that is up to us to keep history records true and correct through personal experiences.

I will speak more on how we can document our experiences, and how we can share our books with others to help them escape the fears of these nerve wracking times of uncertainty and tragedy. Please be kind and stay safe.

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