Children are an Easy Audience, Right? Think Again!

Children are an Easy Audience, Right? Think Again! 1024 576 Reader Views
Susan Violante

Many writers go into writing children’s books with grand stories to tell. After all, they are stories they used to make up for their own kids; and if they loved them for sure other kids will too! Others believe that their Children’s book will sell because parents will love its message, forgetting that the audience is the kid and not the parent.

As writers, we know we need to consider our audience when we write a book. So, why would it be any different when writing for kids? Most of us have our manuscripts critiqued by avid readers in the genre before we even get our work ready for publishing, but fail to get our children’s manuscript critiqued by kids!

We write a story and publish a book without a child even seeing it. Then we are shocked when we receive negative reviews from children, even though parents, teachers, or librarians may like the book. If the target audience does not like the book, the book will simply not sell. The author’s credentials will not matter. The adult five stars reviews will not either. Librarians and teachers’ opinions will matter only if the children want to read the book. Therefore, having the input of children is so important.

At Reader Views, we recognize the importance of reviews by kids for kids. Our Reader Views Kids page ( was created to cater to young audiences of all ages. The site is family friendly and is the perfect place to find books that appeal to children because kids share what they like or did not like about it. Children reviewers are the best tool an author can have as an honest opinion and a reliable expert recommendation of what children enjoy. But make no mistake, kids are not an easy audience to please, and they will be brutally honest about what they think. Below are things to consider when writing for children:

  • Get children involved during the writing process. Reading your story to children during story time at libraries or school is the best way to get instant feedback during the writing process. Are you using the right vocabulary for the target age? Is the storyline appealing to them? All these things can be answered by watching their reaction.
  • Listen to what they have to say. There is no point in getting children involved if you are not listening to what they have to say. Learn to listen and consider their opinion an expert opinion. Children evolve each generation, and what appealed to kids from your own time is not necessarily what appeals to them currently.
  • Begin with your own children and their friends but don’t stop there. It is okay to get the opinion of the children close to you. But by not reaching out to schools and libraries you are basing the feedback within a small focus group that might not reflect the complex demographics of the general target audience.
  • Get kids endorsements for your back cover. Get and use reviews by kids for kids. Parent will buy what they believe their child will enjoy because they want their children to read. Let them know what other kids think about your book.

Remember, children can give positive and negative reviews about your book in the same manner adults do. Their opinion counts when trying to create a marketable product. The sooner you get them involved in your project, the better chance you will have to get positive reviews! Visit to find great reads for your kids or for more information on getting a kid’s book review for your book!

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