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To Be… or Not to Be?
To Be… or Not to Be? 1024 683 Reader Views
How much do passive “to be” verbs sabotage the power of your fiction and nonfiction writing? Do they add zest and quicken the pace? Do they keep readers turning pages long passed their sleep time? Or do they dig one pothole after another on the road to great writing? read more
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The Power of Great Opening Lines
The Power of Great Opening Lines 1024 576 Reader Views
In this high speed world where we want everything now, the opening lines of your book are more important than ever. Today, Dr. Randy Overbeck shares his thoughts on crafting opening sentences to make the reader want more… read more
Your Best Writing May Not Be What You Think
Your Best Writing May Not Be What You Think 1024 576 Reader Views
One of the biggest writing problems I see among people in my mentoring program, and others who hire me to improve their writing, is that they’re afraid to write like they talk. Perhaps they fear “wordiness,” but sometimes writing like you talk is less wordy. read more
Short Stories as Promotion?
Short Stories as Promotion? 1024 576 Reader Views
Short Stories as Promotion: Valerie Allen Provides Case Study for Promoting Creative Writing read more
Building Your Platform through Guest Writing
Building Your Platform through Guest Writing 1024 576 Reader Views
he editorial section of our newsletter is open to guest writers with the goal of sharing your knowledge and building your platform. If you have tips you’d like to share with your fellow authors, bloggers and/or readers, we’d love to feature your work. Not only will you be imparting your wisdom with your peers, but you’ll also have the opportunity to promote your book/website in the process. read more
Avoiding Agent Scams, New and Old
Avoiding Agent Scams, New and Old 1024 576 Reader Views
I recently heard about a new kink in the old upfront-fee scam that less-than-ethical agents tend to use. I thought authors were getting wise to such things, but this scam and similar ones are getting worse if only because of they are finding new twists on old cons. read more
Location Takes the Lead
Location Takes the Lead 1024 576 Reader Views
Can a location be an actual physical character that improves a story? The answer is not only a resounding YES, choosing a setting is a skill that should be mastered. read more
Hashtags: Friends Not Foes
Hashtags: Friends Not Foes 1024 576 Reader Views
Don’t let hashtags intimidate or annoy you – use them to your advantage. Carolyn Howard-Johnson shows us how. read more
How to Make Editing Less Arduous
How to Make Editing Less Arduous 1024 576 Reader Views
Do you cringe at the thought of editing your manuscript? Today Dan Rice discusses how to gain valuable insight struggling through the editorial process. read more
What We Write Matters
What We Write Matters 1024 576 Reader Views
Words still matter. Perhaps, today more than ever. What we say and what we write carries weight, makes a difference. read more