Deadlines and Details
Deadlines and Details 1024 576 Reader Views
How is it mid-November already?! We’re in the final two months of accepting submissions for the 2022-2023 Reader Views Literary Awards program and thought it prudent to send an update with some general information—and take the opportunity to brag a little bit about our marvelous sponsors! read more
Learning to Love Amazon
Learning to Love Amazon 1024 576 Reader Views
Something just popped up in Facebook Memories feature I just couldn’t resist passing along to my Reader Views friends because Modern History Press is releasing my The Frugal Editor in its third edition this month and I will be working with the very entity that authors love to hate. You probably know I’m talking about Amazon.  read more
No Tricks All Treats – Halloween Around the World
No Tricks All Treats – Halloween Around the World 1024 576 Reader Views
Today, I want to be frivolous since it’s my favorite holiday – Halloween.  What’s not to like? Children and adults assume any personality, animal, object, character, or whim of their imagination by donning a mask or an entire costume, and everyone can get a massive sugar fix. read more
Diversity in Children’s Books
Diversity in Children’s Books 1024 576 Reader Views
As I often mention, I am a strong proponent of diverse, inclusive books that act as mirrors and windows for children. So, I naturally gravitate to diverse books where I can learn about people with customs and life experiences that differ from mine. Unfortunately, however, it seems many children’s books with diverse characters focus mainly on the struggles caused by their diversity. read more
Reading to Become an Author
Reading to Become an Author 1024 576 Reader Views
When I started working with Indie Authors twelve years ago, I had the surprise of my life when I learned many of them do not read regularly! I still do not understand how that is possible because my love for books developed as a reader since I was a child. I began writing in a diary when I was a pre-teen but really started experimenting with words, writing poetry and essays during my twenties. Although I did a lot of technical writing after college, it wasn’t until my mid-30s that I began writing articles and short stories for different publications. Throughout my life, I never stopped reading. Many of the books I read inspired me to write and even taught me the skills to write for publication. read more
Book Season is Here
Book Season is Here 1024 576 Reader Views
Yes, book season is here! If you’re like me, as a reader you are getting ready for fall and new books! But as an indie author, that excitement is about getting busy as “book season” means the promotional season begins. read more
On Toni Morrison, Reviewers, and Other Sad Tales
On Toni Morrison, Reviewers, and Other Sad Tales 1024 576 Reader Views
Carolyn Howard Johnson weighs in on Toni Morrison, Review Publication Outlets, Book Banning and Self-Publishing bias in this must-read article. read more
“True Publishing Includes Marketing… or How I Developed My Book Marketing World View
“True Publishing Includes Marketing… or How I Developed My Book Marketing World View 1024 576 Reader Views
I have come to believe there is a right way to publish for every author and every project—not necessarily one right way—and that “right way” may vary from author to author and from project to project. The trick is to know as much about the publishing industry as possible before moving ahead on the path you choose for any given book and any given author’s personality. read more
Can Indies Secure Prime Table Placements at Bookstores?
Can Indies Secure Prime Table Placements at Bookstores? 1024 576 Reader Views
For indies, it is hard enough to convince a bookstore to take your book on consignment. Could it even be possible to get a good table placement for your book? read more
Writing desk with author essentials
The Power of Great Opening Lines
The Power of Great Opening Lines 1024 576 Reader Views
In this high speed world where we want everything now, the opening lines of your book are more important than ever. Today, Dr. Randy Overbeck shares his thoughts on crafting opening sentences to make the reader want more… read more