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Three Editing Strategies That Can Make a Real Difference
Three Editing Strategies That Can Make a Real Difference 1024 576 Reader Views
Once you written and slaved over a manuscript and revised and nursed it through several iterations, the last thing you want to do is to slough through even more editing tasks. I get it. Sometimes, after I’ve put in hundreds of hours to write and strengthen my work, taking one or two more hours to do even more editing seems like a bridge too far. But I’ve found these three editing strategies—which don’t take that much time—can make a huge difference in how a piece reads. These are hardly new, but the changes they exact can be dramatic. read more
“How to Handle Book Bigotry”
“How to Handle Book Bigotry” 1024 576 Reader Views
I believe—know—that attitudes toward self- and indie-publishers have become more accepted over the decades. When my first novel was published, any book published by anything other than university presses and New York’s Big Five were derisively called “vanity publishers.” Still, book bigotry or its near cousins hasn’t disappeared entirely. read more
How Improv Comedy Made Me a Better Writer
How Improv Comedy Made Me a Better Writer 1024 576 Reader Views
The basic premise of improv is that scenes are made up live on stage in front of an audience.  Terrifying and hilarious, improv is a form that exists every moment in the creative place where artists surprise themselves and their scene partners… don’t writers perform improv every time we pick up a pen? read more
The Age Old Question of Plotting vs. Pantsing
The Age Old Question of Plotting vs. Pantsing 1024 576 Reader Views
The question of how to approach writing your novel—whether you should plot out every detail or “write by the seat of your pants”—has been raised and answered more times than I can count. On this issue, I’ve learned much from several great writers, from Stephen King to William Kent Kreuger to Stephanie Evanovich. And I’ve tried to put these lessons to work in crafting the narratives of my new series, the Haunted Shores Mysteries. There is no perfect advice here, but perhaps my observations may prove helpful. read more
Are Too Many Choices Crushing Your Marketing Plan?
Are Too Many Choices Crushing Your Marketing Plan? 1024 576 Reader Views
Many companies will give you a good sales pitch as to why their service is so good and why you should use it. But, is it really what you need? Deciding what you need is not easy, especially with so many telling you what you something different. read more
Airwaves vs Web Waves
Airwaves vs Web Waves 1024 576 Reader Views
There are so many radio and TV shows on so many platforms the idea of contacting any is daunting. So, we must look at it from a different perspective. What is the one thing that all channels have in common? You guessed it, a website. read more
What’s Hampering Your Productivity?
What’s Hampering Your Productivity? 1024 576 Reader Views
You have to find your individual obstacles in order to move past them and create a formula for personal and professional success. read more
“Writing about Imaginary Playmates”
“Writing about Imaginary Playmates” 1024 576 Reader Views
I never understood why my mother insisted that my friends Nappy and Cordy were imaginary. They talked to me, told me stories, and were just as real as Alison or Charles or Kathy. I certainly didn’t see any difference, except possibly that they told better stories. read more
What Have You Done for YOU Lately? Self-Care for Writers
What Have You Done for YOU Lately? Self-Care for Writers 1024 576 Reader Views
How many of you take time out every day for yourself? I don’t mean time out to write or time out to promote and market your book on social media – that’s not time out for yourself, but rather a part of your ‘job’ as an author. No, what I’m talking about here is taking the time to do just a little something for yourself every day to rejuvenate, refresh, and restore. read more
Writing About Controversial Topics
Writing About Controversial Topics 1024 576 Reader Views
The key factor to remember when creating controversial agit-prop fiction is to write a story that someone who is opposed to your desired change will find engaging enough to read. read more