Booming Ahead of Boomers

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by Carolyn Howard Johnson

Carolyn Howard-Johnson offers the poem Booming Ahead of Boomers from her chapbook “Deeper Into the Pond: A Celebration of Femininity” coauthored across continents with Magdalena ball because she hopes it helps put an end to the idea that women only have a few good years. You know, that old wives’ tale that has percolated among women since time began. She says, “Trust me! The last ones are among the best!” 

Booming Ahead of Boomers

Celebrate Women’s Month with a chapbook of poetry for about the same as a greeting card!

I the Newwoman. I push weights, 
manage moguls I never foresaw.

I the blurred outer edge
of your generation, your glimpse 

of the future. I start new projects 
knowing time will be enough 

to finish, ski though I 
now return to the bunny hill, 

max at four runs, slow 
my treadmill to 3.7, climb

to Everest’s base camp 
(though check with my good

doctor about that altitude thing
of 17,000 feet), sit by the fire

with afghan and book.
Here I am, a filament 

stretched past hope, a new career 
at 60, rejuvenated marriage, orgasmic 

subtext, and there, over the ridge 
at 70! Perhaps a poem 

to be memorized
by those coming after.


Carolyn Howard-Johnson is the author of the multi award-winning HowToDoItFrugally series of books for writers including multi award-winning The Frugal Book Promoter ( and The Frugal Editor ( and the third in her series, How To Get Great Book Reviews Frugally and Ethically ( And she her The Great First Impression Book Proposal is now available from Modern History Press is now available in audio. Learn more about all her books from her how-to books for writers and retailers to her poetry at
Deeper into the Pond, part of my multi award-winning Celebration Series coauthored with Magdalena Ball, Artwork by Jacquie Schmall

Self-published in the tradition of poets ever since the advent of the Gutenberg Press. 

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