Don’t Be Nervous! Tips for your First Live Interview

Susan Violante Managing Editor

Susan Violante
Managing Editor

Most writers I have met have had one trait similar to me: we prefer to be by ourselves within our own thoughts, rather than surrounded by people. It is not because we don’t enjoy people, on the contrary, by watching and listening to people we get inspired. It is because to us the best way to communicate is through writing. It was no surprise then that when I got my first radio booking, instead of feeling excited, I felt scared and lost.  I actually experienced some mild panic attacks when I would think about it. I could not get myself to actually come up with a Q & A to guide the host and myself because I would get ulcer-type pains in my stomach. It was horrible, and I was a mess right up to the day of my interview.  It was bad, not just because I was a mess, but because I was such a mess even though I had actually participated in interview training classes with the best publicist agency at the time. Through the years however, I did find a way to conquer my stage fright and deliver all I wanted to make sure was said in the interview. Here are some tips:

·         Take the time to prepare a note card with all the book information, events and any other important promotional messages that need to be mentioned. Make sure these are also communicated to the show host via email with a sufficient amount of time, along with the topics of conversations you can cover in the interview.

·         Be creative and come up with sound bites that you can use when talking about your book or main topic. Sound bites will resonate within the audience’s minds long after the interview is over.

·         Have some herbal tea and relax an hour before the interview to put your ideas together, especially if you are new at it. With practice you will find you don’t need this hour to get yourself in the interviewing mood, but it always helps to center yourself before starting the interview.

·         Finally, be yourself. A different personality is not needed! Being who you are and being genuine allows the audience to relate to you, and they will want to look up your website, and maybe even buy your book.

Interviews are my favorite thing nowadays; I hope they become yours too! For more information on Reader Views Podcast service visit us at: