Writing the Perfect Character
Writing the Perfect Character 1024 576 Reader Views

Every future generation will know Harry Potter the moment his name is spoken. Of course, when you write a character who ends up with his own Universal theme park, that isn’t a shock. But that young man, his friends, and his magical universe came from the mind of J.K. Rowling. Out of the blue, she arrived on the scene and brought with her pages filled with characters and locations that became one of, if not the, most popular series of all time. Now, can other authors write something of that magnitude that becomes that popular? Actually, yes. Is it difficult? You bet it is!

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Avoiding Agent Scams, New and Old
Avoiding Agent Scams, New and Old 1024 576 Reader Views

I recently heard about a new kink in the old upfront-fee scam that less-than-ethical agents tend to use. I thought authors were getting wise to such things, but this scam and similar ones are getting worse if only because of they are finding new twists on old cons.

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OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS: The 2022-2023 Literary Awards Program
OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS: The 2022-2023 Literary Awards Program 1024 576 Reader Views

Today, we’re excited to share with you that the 2022-2023 Reader Views Literary Awards program is OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS!

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Location Takes the Lead
Location Takes the Lead 1024 576 Reader Views

Can a location be an actual physical character that improves a story? The answer is not only a resounding YES, choosing a setting is a skill that should be mastered.

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Hashtags: Friends Not Foes
Hashtags: Friends Not Foes 1024 576 Reader Views

Don’t let hashtags intimidate or annoy you – use them to your advantage. Carolyn Howard-Johnson shows us how.

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Write for Chicken Soup for the Soul? Who, Me?
Write for Chicken Soup for the Soul? Who, Me? 1024 576 Reader Views

Chicken Soup for the Soul, the best-selling trade paperback series in the history of publishing, is a great market for beginning and experienced writers alike.

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How to Make Editing Less Arduous
How to Make Editing Less Arduous 1024 576 Reader Views

Do you cringe at the thought of editing your manuscript? Today Dan Rice discusses how to gain valuable insight struggling through the editorial process.

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What We Write Matters
What We Write Matters 1024 576 Reader Views

Words still matter. Perhaps, today more than ever. What we say and what we write carries weight, makes a difference.

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What Goes into Making a Stunning Book Cover?
What Goes into Making a Stunning Book Cover? 1024 576 Reader Views

Covers are important. People do judge a book by the cover. If your cover is an obvious Photoshop, lots of readers will ignore it. If you are part of a marketing group, you need to have a top-five cover to ensure you are getting more clicks. I always ask myself, if I went to the bookstore and put my book on the shelf, would it stand out for the right reasons?

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The Art of Ghostwriting
The Art of Ghostwriting 1024 576 Reader Views

Ever considered using a ghostwriter? Today Michael J. Coffino discusses the essential attributes for an effective ghostwriter-author relationship.

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