Literary Awards Score Sheet for 2019 Copyrights

Judge Information
Name *
Book information
1 - Lacks distinct style or inconsistent style 5 - Very distinct and consistent style
1 - Doesn't draw in the reader, slow pace 10 - Draws in the reader, has appropriate pace
1 - No clear understanding of who the characters are 5 - Reader can absolutely understand and/or relate to the characters
Presentation and Design
1 - Many errors and typos 10 - No errors and typos
1 - Poor grammar usage, distracting from story 10 - Proper and appropriate use of grammar
Production Quality
1 - Unappealing, hidden titles, noisy 10 - Attractive and appropriate for genre and story
1 - Poor, Falls apart when opening 5 - Excellent
1 - Poor, transparent, light weight 5 - Excellent
1 - Unoriginal 10 - Very original
1 - Uncreative, boring 10 - Very creative and interesting
Social Relevance
Social Relevance, or Enjoyment, or Resourcefulness (this is the tricky part - choose the area that fits best for the book and score accordingly.)
Impactful on community of genre or, Enjoyment/Impact (for fiction books only) or, Resourcefulness (for self-help/business/how to/etc. books only) 1 - Doesn't effect the genre in the least, or, Doesn’t give any entertainment value, or, Lacks resourcefulness 10 - Impacts the nature or being of the genre, or, Is highly entertaining and completely engrossing, or, Easy to follow, clear, concise
Reflective of important social issue(s) or, Plot/Story line or, Level of enjoyment 1 - Says nothing about social issues, or, Lacks development, or, Predictable and lacks draw 5 - Speaks to important social issues, or, Fully developed, or, Would re-read – left wanting more
Relative to social issue(s) or, Resourcefulness or, Credibility 1 - Can not relate to any social issues, Lacks resourcefulness, or, Lacks credibility, unknown sources 5 - Relates to important social issues, or Easy to follow, clear, concise , or, Author is credible, has credentials in subject matter