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We're excited to introduce our awards program sponsors. They make this event better each year!

AUTOCRIT. AutoCrit is an online manuscript editing tool initially developed by an aspiring author to provide affordable, unbiased feedback on writing. It has evolved into a comprehensive platform that supports writers throughout their creative process, from planning to editing. The tool is based on rigorous research of best-selling books and strong community ties, offering tools, knowledge, and expert feedback to help writers improve their skills, polish their manuscripts, and succeed as authors. AutoCrit aims to foster a sense of family among its users, providing support and celebrating their successes.

Sponsor of The AutoCrit Emerging Writer Award

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B.A. BELLEC’S PRODUCTION STUDIO. Bryan “B.A.” Bellec’s debut novel, Someone’s Story, won the Reader Views Reviewer’s Choice Literary Award for 2021 Young Adult Book of the Year with its endearing, soulful take on teen mental health. Around the same time, he also was also awarded a Digital Original’s grant from the Canada Council for the Arts to make music. Both Bellec’s novels feature musicians and Bellec takes it one step further by actually producing songs inspired by his books. After winning this award Bryan wanted to expand is involvement in the program to help other indie authors.

Sponsor of B.A. Bellec’s Production Studio Award for Best Overall Fiction

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WRITTEN WORD MEDIA. At Written Word Media, we believe in the transformative power of books. We exist to empower authors and publishers to reach their audience through our specialized book promotion products.
Our five reader-facing brands cater to different reader profiles and demographics, and our data-driven email marketing techniques ensure that authors and publishers reach the right readers.

Sponsor of The Written Word Media Page Turner Prize.

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CONVERSATIONS MEDIA GROUP. Cyrus Webb (aka C. A. Webb) has been active in the arts since 1999, hosting art shows and poetry readings around the United States while also building the Conversations brand. Today Conversations includes a daily radio show, magazine and nationally-recognized book club and live show on Amazon. 

Sponsor of The Conversations Award for Best Regional Book of the Year.

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WOMEN IN PUBLISHING SUMMIT. Our mission statement is: We celebrate the accomplishments of women in publishing – authors, publishers, editors, typesetters, cover designers, marketers, booksellers, everyone involved in creating and selling books and provide a community where we can share great resources, encouragement, tools, and mentorship for women who want to have their voices heard and stories told.

Sponsor of The Women in Publishing Summit Award for the Best Female Debut Author 

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MARQUETTE FICTION. Marquette Fiction is home to the works of Tyler R. Tichelaar. Tyler has a PhD in Literature and owns Marquette Fiction, his own publishing company and Superior Book Productions, a professional editing, proofreading, and book layout company.  Tyler won the 2009 Reader Views Best Historical Fiction Award for his novel Narrow Lives and has been an awards sponsor since 2010.

Sponsor of The Tyler R. Tichelaar Award for Best Historical Fiction.

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C. S. Lakin’s website and her acclaimed blog, Live Write Thrive, are essential for anyone aiming to write an exceptional novel. With nearly two decades of aiding over 6,000 writers, Lakin provides tools for all levels, from novices to experienced authors. Her platform offers coaching, mentoring, and online courses, while her blog gives further insights into effective writing strategies. Ready to write a remarkable novel? Lakin and Live Write Thrive are here to help you every step of the way.

Sponsor of The Live Write Thrive Award for Storytelling Excellence


MATTHEW J HOLMES. If advertising your books has been something you’ve been putting off, but you understand the importance of it in today’s fiercely competitive publishing world, I’m here to help.

Having spent $100,000’s on Facebook Ads and Amazon Ads advertising books across a range of genres, I’ve learned the hard way what it takes to succeed on these platforms. I have a number of resources available (some free, some paid), all in aid of helping authors get the most out of their advertising and marketing and building thriving careers doing what they love every single day; writing books.

Sponsor of The Matthew J. Holmes Award for Best Fantasy Novel.

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Love Books ToursMy mission is to provide tailored promotional tours and help to spread the word about your book. Whether it’s a book tour, cover reveal, or a release day party, I’ll create a package tailored to your needs.

I specialise in working with small and large publishers and authors from various genres. I am open to both newly released and previously published titles. I work worldwide and with all genres. Our tours are matched with readers for your genre.
I have a lot of experience creating effective campaigns for books, and I’ll ensure you get the most out of my services.

Sponsor of The Love Books Tours Compelling Characters Award

Special Offer for all Award Entrants

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One Stop for Writers® is a one-stop-shop for writers looking to take their fiction to the next level. Create rich, immersive stories with powerful character, plot, and worldbuilding tools, the largest show-don’t-tell database anywhere, and a Storyteller’s Roadmap that guides you from that first idea to a publish-ready novel. Unlock your full potential and start a free trial. Writing can be easier!

Sponsor of The One Stop for Writers Award for Best Debut Fiction

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THE BAREFOOT LIBRARIAN. The Barefoot Librarian offers valuable children’s book services for authors, educators, librarians, schools, parents, and grandparents.  Eve Panzer is an experience retired school librarian for pre-K through sixth grade who has a passion for children’s literature. She enjoys working with educators, librarians, schools, parents, and grandparents to select engaging and enriching books that make a difference. She now also professionally reviews picture and middle-grade books, focusing on independent authors and small publishers.

Sponsor of The Barefoot Librarian Book Award.

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VENERATION. n. respect or awe inspired by the dignity, wisdom, dedication, or talent of a person.

Veneration is an editorial company founded on a deep love and respect for the writer’s craft. I offer a full range of editing services for authors: manuscript evaluations, developmental editing, stylistic editing, copyediting, proofreading, poetry arrangement and editing, and query letter writing.

Sponsor of The Veneration Award for Best Debut Poetry Collection

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THE BETTER-FASTER ACADEMY. Write, edit, plot, market, work, live… BETTER-FASTER.

Most writers figure out how to be more efficient with their time through trial and error. Oftentimes, they spend hundreds of dollars (or more) and countless hours exploring different ways to improve writing speed and productivity.

The Better-Faster Academy (BFA) believes there’s a better way: know your brain. BFA’s classes & coaching cohorts help you dig deep, giving you the knowledge and support you need to discover what makes you… you. Thus, instead of copycatting and hoping you luck into the right answer, BFA helps you uncover your answers with concrete knowledge backed by a strategic plan to help you move forward with confidence.

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to writing, organization, productivity, strategic planning… nothing. Sign up for a class or coaching cohort today to start harnessing your specific strengths and uniqueness to write, edit, plot, market, work, and live BETTER-FASTER.

Sponsor of The Better-Faster Academy Achievement Award

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