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Adler, Bill - No Time to Say Goodbye
Avrashow, Wayne - Roll the Dice
Bailey, Julius - Racial Realities and Post-Racial Dreams: The Age of Obama and Beyond
Baker Cole, Aaron - Necessary Evil
Barretto, Chriselda - Aviation Stories - 1: Dying to Fly
Bassett, Steve - Father Divine’s Bikes
Braudy, Susan - Kick Kennedy’s Secret Diary
Cabo-Nikolov, Aimee - Love is the Answer, God is the Cure
Chao, Stanley - Selling to China
Christensen, Emily - Keeping Kyrie
Craige, Betty Jean - Aldo
Crandall, George - Fixing Your City: Creating Thriving Neighborhoods and Adapting to a Changing World
Delanner, Sophia Michelle - About Anna...
Denison, Marsha - Grisha's Loop: My Slavic Saga
Dopico, Anna - To Make Riders Faster


Finnegan, Ruth - Black Inked Pearl: A Girl's Quest
Forbes, Diana - Mistress Suffragette
Gebelein, Bob - Dirty Science
Gould, Linda - Sychophants
Heist, Christopher T. - What I've Learned: An Encyclopedia of Perpetual Bullshit
Hopkins, George - Chasing the Devil's Breath
Hopkins, George - Unholy Retribution
Innocent, Jason - Thirty Nine Drawings
Johnson, LB - Saving Grace: A Story of Adoption
Kabrich, Mary Avery - Once Upon a Time a Sparrow
Kimmich, F. Scott - The Magdalene Malediction
Landeros, Joshua - Reverence


Marshall, Buck - SWIFT Act: Swift Action for Permanent Recovery
McCord, Michael - End Times
McDonnell, David - Buy the Horse a Guinness
McFarren, Kaylin - High Flying
McFarren, Kaylin - Twisted Threads
McGugan, Gary D. - Three Weeks Less a Day
McGugan, Gary D. - The Multima Scheme
McGugan, Gary D. - Unrelenting Peril
Meacham, Jack - Talking Sense about Politics
Muldoon, Melissa - Eternally Artemisia
Murphey, Mike - Section Roads
Newport, Johnny - In Defense of the Moth
O'Brien, James M. - Hang Your Wraps in the Cloak Room!
Ojikutu, Iyabo - Permanent Happiness
Okon, Michael - Monsterland
Payan, Greg - Please Stay: A Brain Bleed, A Life in the Balance, A Love Story
Phillips, Gregory Erich - Love of Finished Years
Prochaska, Georgann - Murder Comes to the Vineyard
Raab, Diana - Writing for Bliss
Ries, Michael David - The Joint Kitchen


Saltz, Amy R. - An Essential Song
Smith, Patty and Grayson - Beyond Rock Bottom
Stefani, Brady G. - The Alienation of Courtney Hoffman
Wilkerson, Patrice - Through It All I’m Going To Make It
Williams, Sara Beth - When Hearts Collide
Williams, Stella - Ferocious
Willis, J. Stewart - Gestation Seven
Willis, J. Stewart - Deadly Highway