Announcing the Results of the 2023 Literary Awards Program!

Announcing the Results of the 2023 Literary Awards Program! 1024 768 Reader Views

We are thrilled to unveil the winners of the 2023-2024 Reader Views Literary Awards Program today! This marks the culmination of a year’s dedication from our reviewers, who have read hundreds of books across a wide spectrum of categories, mirroring the diversity of our panel of judges and reviewers within our comprehensive 3-tier judging system. A heartfelt congratulations to all – and a reminder to every participant that the journey of writing and publishing a book is an achievement in itself, setting you apart as a victor!


Literary competitions, such as ours, are more than just entertaining and thrilling experiences; they play a crucial role for authors. Securing an award not only elevates an author and their work in the fiercely competitive market but also enhances the credibility of their work. However, credibility is just one piece of the puzzle in building an author’s platform that captures the attention of readers in the vast ocean of available books. Here are additional strategies authors can employ to stand out:

• Engage in Speaking Events: Publishing a book establishes you as an authority on both the subject of your book and the broader topics of writing and publishing. Leverage this expertise by participating in speaking engagements. These events, even if unpaid, offer a prime opportunity to engage with potential readers, sell books, and foster connections. Remember to bring copies of your book and announce that signed editions are available for purchase post-event.

• Leverage Social Media: Social media platforms offer a straightforward and accessible means to promote your book. Whether it’s through advertisements, regular posts, or digital interviews such as webcasts and podcasts, these platforms can significantly extend your reach. If managing social media is not your forte or time is scarce, consider enlisting the help of a publicist or an intern. The key is consistency in maintaining the momentum.

• Utilize Amazon Author Central: Link your blog, website, and the latest news about you and your book to your Amazon book page via Amazon Author Central. This integration ensures your Amazon page remains up-to-date, showcasing your activity as an author directly on the platform most readers use to purchase books.

• Stay Authentic: Authenticity resonates with readers. Being genuine and approachable makes it easier for readers to form a connection with you, increasing the likelihood of them purchasing your book.

Below is the complete list of award winners for the 2023-2024 season.


Winners, please check your inbox later today for further details.

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  • Terri Stepek

    Congratulations to all of the authors who entered this year! Your amazing work made the task of the reviewers exciting and difficult. We had so many wonderful books to review this year thanks to you. One thing I’m sure of… this year’s winners will do great things!

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