Anirood Singh


An analogy: In a civil case, the adjudicator decides ‘on the balance of probalities’: Judgment goes in favor of the Counselor who in writing presented the most compelling, convincing, plausible, believable, credible, realistic, reasoned, and persuasive argument. The decision is taken ‘on the papers’, with little, if any, oral presentation or calling of witnesses. Success in litigation and dispute resolution is largely based on the formula: 90 per cent preparation and 10 per cent delivery. Words, used efficiently, give credence to the cliché, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” A Senior Counselor writes for a living but in certain circumstances their persuasive ability could be the difference between freedom and death. Writing for life!

Anirood is a descendent of Indian indentured laborers (minimally remunerated slaves) who landed in the British Colony of Natal in 1863. Hence, his career is anchored in and informed by struggle. In the apartheid era, he first worked as a civil engineering technician and later as program/project leader and policy analyst with a regional development funding institution. At the dawn of democracy, Anirood was among the first persons of color appointed to executive management. He was Director of Reconstruction & Development, Economic Development; Marketing, Tourism & Investment Promotion, and Head of International Relations in South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg from 1995 to 2007. He then served as Honorary Ambassador for Local Government reporting to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He was a clandestine freedom fighter using his intellectual abilities to further the cause for democracy.

Current legal and writing/editing practice
Anirood’s early pastime and careers functioned as a metaphorical journey that formed the foundation and framework for his appointment as an Advocate (Barrister) of the High Court in 1999. Anirood established a Professional Services Consultancy in 2007 as Advocate (Barrister) of the High Court, Counsellor-at-Law, Public Sector Development Advisor, and Writer/Editor/Peer-Reviewer. From this time to present, in South Africa’s dual legal system, Anirood’s legal practice component (as a referral Advocate not engaging directly with the public) operates on an ‘as-and-when’ basis on complex legal cases only when briefed by an Attorney. He also served as policy/law advisor to all three spheres of government through membership on panels, appeal tribunals, and committees. His civic duties are fulfilled through (anonymously) undertaking pro bono work in human rights and public interest law.

Literary achievements
A book based on Anirood’s JD is currently under consideration for publication. From 1997 to date, he presented/published 42 papers at international conferences, as journal articles, and chapters in books. He is currently negotiating for the publication of two novels of 123 000 and 180 000 words and an anthology of 14 short stories of which eight had been published. Anirood is an in-house writer and script editor for a local moviemaking company. He has written seven production proposals and six feature film screenplays. The war-genre movie, Thirst (also known as Desert Storm, and Desert Fury), for which he was co-screenwriter/story consultant, has been on international distribution since 2018 by a Burbank, California company. He has written seven history textbooks of which four have been published with three currently with the publisher. He has completed seven feature (film) screenplays, five TV drama series.

During his tenure (1988-1994) at a regional development funding institution, Anirood had 22 multi-million Rand Project Proposal/Appraisal Reports approved without question, that is, without discussion. This prompts him in all modesty to proclaim, ‘My writing speaks for itself.’

Membership: Global Council for Promotion of International Trade (Mission Director: South Africa), Commonwealth Association of Legislative Counsel; International Bar Association; Arbitration Foundation of Southern Africa, PEN International; Academic & Non-Fiction Authors’ Association of SA; Writers’ Guild of SA; Professional Editors’ Guild of SA; Puku Foundation for Children’s Literacy (Legal Advisor); SA Association of Public Administration & Management; Knowledge Management SA.


“You may not get what you pay for, but you will pay for what you get.” – Maya Angelou

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