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Susan Violante

Typically, an author’s first idea when thinking of using interviews to promote their books is airwaves: talk radio and real time TV shows. The idea of reaching a large audience and becoming a celebrity by making a brief appearance is very appealing, but It’s also not realistic. There are so many radio and TV shows on so many platforms that the idea of contacting any is daunting. So, we must look at it from a different perspective. What is the one thing that all channels have in common? You guessed it, a website.

Everyone who is promoting something has a website–TV and radio stations post their programs there, and use it to make announcements, get feedback and post content that won’t fit on airtime segments. However, websites offer a different type of exposure through podcasts and video interviews and internet talk shows.

The podcasts or videos can be live broadcasts, but they also remain online, available indefinitely to anyone at any time. Internet talk shows offer longer interviews (30-60 minutes) for the author to promote their book and website. Below are some ways authors can make the most of Internet broadcasts:

  • Book different shows that talk about different topics covered in your book, so that you can reach a wider audience in diverse areas. For example, for my book set up in Europe during WWII I might look for Historical, War, PSTD, Italy, Italian Migration, writing a book about your parents, etc. as different show topics.
  • Send different topic lists and sample questions to all shows to make sure you have different interviews for few interviews that sound the same.
  • Plan sale promotions and events that you can announce during the interview to get traffic on your website.
  • Make sure you mention your website several times. Be personable and cordial with the host to be invited again and have sound bites ready to mention that listeners can remember easily after the show is over and that will prompt them to visit your site or google your book.
  • Have an audio commercial of the book ready to offer it to the host and sponsor another show with it.
  • Make sure you link the podcast or video on your website, your Amazon Author Central page,… etc.
  • Announce shows on all online calendars you can reach as well as your social media sites.

Remember, your online interviews will remain available indefinitely, so keep mentioning them on your blog and newsletter with the link!

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