2021-2022 Reader Views Literary Awards Finalists

Alphabetical Listing by Title

Note: This is the FINALISTS list only. Not all finalists will win an award

Winners Announced March 7, 2022!

A Case of Culture: How Cultural Brokers Bridge Divides in Healthcare, Snigdha Nandipati, New Degree Press
A Second Reckoning: Race, Injustice, and the Last Hanging in Annapolis, Scott Seligman, Potomac Books
A Web of Deceit, Gary D. McGugan, Castelane
A Yarn About a Tree, Kitty McCarthy, Weirwood, LLC
Above the Din: Diary of the HepC Wonder Drugs, Labar Laskie, HenschellHAUS
After Happily Ever After, Leslie A. Rasmussen, She Writes Press
Age of The Almek, Tara A. Lake, Lake Publishing
Albobonnae’s Way, Bella Rayne, Outskirts Press
Alien Dream Machine, William X. Adams, Psi Fi Books
Annihilation, Kaylin McFarren, Creative Edge Publishing
Asylum of Diction, Alyssa Milani, Independently Published

Becoming Olive W, S. Lee Fisher, RNS Publishing
Bella’s Dash: How Our Pup Rescued Us, Jo Dibblee, TellWell Talent
Beware the Lizard Lurking, Vivienne Brereton, Yuletide Press
Beyond the Human Realm, Gene Helfman, Luminare Press
Black Forest Dreams, A Journey Through Germany, Joseph Kuhn Carey, Kelsay Books
Black, White, And Gray All Over, Frederick Douglass Reynolds, MindStir Media
Blind the Eyes, K.A. Wiggins, Snowmelt & Stumps
Blue, L.E. Delano, Gaze Publishing
Bluff, John DeDakis, Speaking Volumes
Both Sides of the Border, Terry Overton, Ambassador Books
Boys’ Secrets And Men’s Loves, David A.J. Richards, Xlibris US
Brain Dance, Diane Grimard Wilson, MindStir Media

Char’s Gift, Steve Harryman, Elm Hill Books
Chicken Nibbles, Alan Corbett, Independently Published
Circles, Lines, and Squiggles, W. Nikola-Lisa, Gyroscope Books
Clap If You Can Hear Me, Kelly Mitchell, Independently Published
Clochan, Lawrence Patrick O’Brien, Loonce Publishing
Comfort Zone, Kimberly Fish, Fish Tales Publishing
Comfrey, Wyoming: Birds Of A Feather, Daphne Birkmyer, Atmosphere Press
Cross Body Lead, Elie Axelroth, Propertius Press
Cruising through The Teens, Easier Than It Seems, Jerry Schaefer, Shirespress
Crystal’s House of Queers, Brooke Skipstone, Skipstone Publishing

Deadheading & Other Stories, Beth Gilstrap, Red Hen Press
Dreams of Fate, Skylar Shoar, Independently Published

Edu-Chameleon: Leverage 7 Dynamic Learning Zones, Lili-Ann Kriegler, Independently Published
Ekleipsis: the Abyss, Tamel Wino, Independently Published
Electric Green Mambas, Bryan Cassiday, Independently Published
Eleven Sundry Flowers, Frank Mundo, Antrim House
Emotional Frustration: The Hushed Plague, Mario O. Laplume, Outskirts Press

Farewell The Dragon, S. Lee Barckmann, Barckwords Publishing
Fast Track, John DeDakis, Speaking Volumes
Feasters: The Circle, Solomon Petchers, AGITA Books
Fedor, Brant Vickers, Atmosphere Press
Forgiving Nero, Mary Ann Bernal, Whispering Legends Press
Future Widow, Jenny Lisk, Bluehen Books

Game Changer: Military Decisions that Helped Win The American Revolution, Jack Darrell Crowder, Independently Published
Gatekeepers of Eden, Lanie Mores, Tellwell Talent
Glennie Fairy, A World of Many Colors, Melanie Dawn, Independently Published
Good Morning, Blake: Growing Up Autistic and Being Okay, Blake Priddle, Tellwell Talent
Good Pals, Michael C. Barrett, Independently Published

Have You Ever Wondered What You Will Be?, Junia Wonders, Gmür Verlag
Health, Healing, and Wholeness: Devotions of Hope in the Midst of Illness, Tracy Crump, Crosslink Publishing
Helio Tropez, C.M. Rieger, Golden Age Timeline Publishing
Hello & Goodnight, Imani Lewis, Red Beetle Publishing
How Disease Affected The Military During The American Revolution, Jack Darrell Crowder, Independently Published

Illyia, E.A. Bagby, Independently Published
In the House of Night, Donald Levin, Poison Toe Press
IN/ACTION: Rethinking the Path to Results, Jinny Uppal, New Degree Press
Innovation Starts With I, Saleema Vellani, Ripple Impact Publishing
Irish Town, Matthew John Meagher, MR Publishing

Jesus Speaking, Mike Lutz, Independently Published

Later Gator, Anita Turnage, Halo Publishing International
Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn, Katie Anderson, Integrand Press
Life in the Chastity Zone, Holly Brandon, Independently Published
Life Is The Project, Doyle Davis, Outskirts Press
Light of Darkness, Ebenezer O. Makinde, Made For Success Publishing
Limestone Waters, John McMahon, Gatekeeper Press
Lockdown: 100 Days in San Francisco, Conor Mitchell, Outskirts Press

Maestro, Melissa Rea, Satin Romance
Marketing Fastrack: The Little Book That Launched A New Business, Aurora Winter, Same Page LLC
Merfolk, Jeremy Bates, Ghillinnein Books
Messy Hope, Lori Wildenberg, Iron Stream Media
Midnight Flight To Nuremberg, Marcus A. Nannini, Air World
Mission Preposterous, Thomas J. Brodeur, Independently Published
Moe Fields: The Special Bond Between Fathers And Sons, Stuart Z. Goldstein, Pen Paper Press
Molly Morningstar, A Doll for Me, Andrea Coke, Independently Published
Mother Blues, Owen Thomas, OTF Literary
My Dog Is My Relationship Coach, Maureen Scanlon, Outskirts Press

Natalie Stone: Beyond Survival And Into The Light, Martin J. Ryan, Independently Published
Newburyport Clipper Heritage, Ghlee E. Woodworth, Independently Published
Ninety-Nine Fire Hoops, Allison Hong Merrill, She Writes Press
No Ghoulish Green Monsters Here, Dawn Secord, Independently Published
Noah, No!, Kristen Cornell, Independently Published
Nonni in America, Jon Svensson, Chaos To Order Publishing
Notes on the Train, Loreen de Kort, Independently Published

Oak Street Treehouse: The Day the New Kid Moved In, Dick Daniels, Leadership Development Group
Oddball Ornaments and the Story of Christmas, Terry Overton, Emerald House Group, Incorporated
Oh Daddy Chronicles 2: Return of Covfefe, Barry Robbins, Independently Published
Optimists Always Win!, Kimberly S. Reed, Health Communications, Inc.

Pilgrimage: A Doctor’s Healing Journey, Donna Chacko, Luminare Press
Please Her, Mackenzie Masters, Ramirez and Clark Publishing
Praying for Mrs. Mombasa, Doug Brendel, Lulu
Presence, the Play, William E. Jefferson, Port Estillyen Productions

Rabbithole, Melissa Rea, Melange Books LLC
Real-Time Parenting, Amy Armstrong, Mary Funari and Beth Miller, Real Time Parenting, LLC
Reduction Fired, Jennifer Yeates Camara, Yeates Expressions
Requiem For A Genocide, Michael Drakich, Traanu Enterprises
Resignation, David Colin, Independently Published
Restoration, Sharon Mikeworth, River Nation Publishing
Rock Your Midlife, Ellen Albertson, Tiger Wellness, LLC
Ronnie’s Pool, Lindsay Ann Fink, Balboa Press
Rose and the Awakening of the Goddess, Coreen Ipsen, Inner Sanctum Healing

Sam the Chosen, Wally Jones, Koehler Books
Scarlet At Crystal River, Randy Overbeck, The Wild Rose Press
Scott Stokely: Growing Up Disc Golf, Scott Stokely, Independently Published
Screenwriting for Storytellers, Sherlann D. Moore, Moon Leaf Publishing
Self Publish and Succeed, Julie Broad, Stick Horse Publishing
Shlok’s Dad: A Father’s Perspective of Parenthood, Vivek Sharma, Independently Published
Ski Weekend, Rektok Ross, SparkPress
SMALL MIRACLES – The Inspiring Kids of Variety Village, Mike Strobel, Northchannel Press
Songs for Solo Voice, James R. Whitley, Red Mountain Press
Spit, Daniel Lassell, Wheelbarrow Books
Stories from Ecuador, Tyrel Nelson, Independently Published
Stretching Your Way to a Pain-Free Life, Aaron Taylor, Made for Success Publishing

Take Me With You, Vanessa Carlisle, Running Wild Press
The Accidental Plague Diaries, Andrew Duxbury, Singular Books
The Brain Drips Yellow, Burn Moor, Book Baby
The Broda Salt Cabin, A.H. Nedani, Owl Publishing
The Cavern, Allen Kent, AllenPearce Publishers
The Chase, Charles Besondy, Besondy Publishing LLC
The Comfort Bearer, Cathy L. Patrenos, TouchPoint Press
The Conscious Marketer, Jim Joseph, Mascot Books
The Courageous Ask, Brian Kreeger, TUBA Publishing, LLC
The Dark Tetrad, AP Rawls, Upper West Side Press, LLC
The Essence of Nathan Biddle, J. William Lewis, Greenleaf Book Group Press
The Genius Who Saved Baseball, Robert E. Ingram, Aviva Publishing
The Good Wine, Amy Schisler, Chesapeake Sunrise Publishing
The Hidden Saboteur, Charles Besondy, Independently Published
The Inner CEO: Unleashing Leaders at all Levels, Jeremy Blain, Panoma Press
The Ivy League Chronicles: 9 Sqaures, E.K. Prescott, Paper Raven Books
The Joyous Adventures of Whizzojack, David Bush, Independently Published
The Kickass Couple, Gloria Lee, Brentwood Counselling Centre
The Mayor of Oak Street, Vincent Traughber Meis, NineStar Press
The Messiah’s Servant, William I. Brazley, Jr., Enhanced DNA Publishing
The Munchkins, Candice Zee, Independently Published
The Mystery at Moz Hollow, A.K. Hicks, Anne K. Hawkinson, Living Trust
The Noble Edge: Reclaiming an Ethical World One Choice at a Time, Christopher Gilbert, Morgan James Publishing
The Nodders What! You Don’t Want to Nap? , Tina Huggins, Beaver’s Pond Press
The Power of Piggie Bear, Mara James, Brown Books Kids
The Refusal, Eve M. Riley, Snugrox Publishing
The Ring of Truth, Peter Pactor, Friesen Press
THE SONG ENDURES: Drumming With a Different Beat, Amy R. Saltz, KDP Independent Publisher
The Sound of Wings, Suzanne Simonetti, She Writes Press
The Stress Book: Forty-Plus Ways to Manage Stress & Enjoy Your Life, D. Terrence Foster, Global Health & Consortium
The Trail: a novel, Ethan Gallogly, Sierra Nevada Press
The Truth about Dietary Supplements, Mahtab Jafari, Archangel Ink
The White Star, A.E. Martinson II, Beaver’s Pond Press
This Is Me! I am who I’m meant to be!, Amy Pflueger, James & Lucas Pflueger, Independently Published
This is the Dream, Owen Thomas, OTF Literary
Three Things Matter Most: Linking Time, Relationships, and Money, Brett Atlas, Addicus Books
Thunder AZ, Ari Loeb, Abandoned House
Tokyo Zangyo, Michael Pronko, Raked Gravel Press
Tortillera, Caridad Moro-Gronlier, Texas Review Press
Traffic: A Ronnie Lake Mystery, Niki Danforth, Pancora Press
Transcending Darkness, Denise Brown, Archangel Ink
Truth Is in the House, Michael J. Coffino, Koehler Books

Uncovering Love, J. J Sorel, Independently Published
Under an Azure Sky – Elysia Dayne, Wil Chan, Independently Published

Walking in the Shadow of Footsteps – A Journey of Enlightenment, Roynell Young, Elite Online Publishing
Wandering Close to Home, Linda Drajem, Christopher Drajem, Independently Published
War Bunny, Christopher St. John, Harvest Oak Press
White Picket Monsters, Bev Moore Davis, Morvis Group Inc.
Who Killed Coriolanus?, Ron Fritsch, Asymmetric Worlds
Winston the Traveling Dog, Cynthia Anne Finefrock, Faithful Friends Publishing

Your Sun Will Rise Again, Joseph Jean Baptiste Jolicoeur, Outskirts Press
Your Writing Matters, Colleen M. Story, Midchannel Press