2020-2021 Reader Views Literary Awards FINALISTS!

Alphabetical Listing by Title

Winners announced March 22, 2021. Good luck to all!


22 Dutch Road by Tim Schueler, Peebles Press

A Feigned Madness by Tonya Mitchell, Cynren Books
A Gay Man’s Guide to Life by Britt East, Houndstooth Press
A Lifetime of Men by Ciahnan Darrell, Propertius Press
A Little Noble by Janet R. Macreery, Outskirts Press
A Luke of All Ages/Fire and Ice by Mark Saba, Adelaide Books
A Wild Ride: The Adventures of Misty & Moxie Wyoming by Niki Danforth, Pancora Press
Abjectification: Stories & Truths by C. Kubasta, Apprentice House Press
All Flowers Bloom by Kawika Guillermo, Westphalia Press
All My Parents by Nancy Henderson-James, Plain View Press
And I’ll Never Love Him Less by Candy Abbott, Fruitbearer Publishing
And Lately, The Sun by Calyx Create Group
Arriving Here by Lisa Steele-Maley, Lampyridae, LLC

Bad Indian by JC Mehta, Brick Mantel Books
Betrayal High by Mark M. Bello, Bonkers
Between Witches and Angels by TN Traynor, Independently Published
Brenda’s Wish by Jackie Haley, BookPress Publishing

Choice and Structure for Children with Autism by Colette McNeil, MSI Press
Crimson at Cape May by Randy Overbeck, The Wild Rose Press

Daniel Kossov: Pictures of an Outstanding Musician Part 3 by Rosemary Tingley, Advance Press

Echoes from the Wind by H.T. Manogue, Shortsleeves
Ekleipsis by Tamel Wino, Independently Published
EO-N by Dave Mason, Hellbox Editions
Escape Reality by Kayla Frost, Independently Published
Esie Explores Dangerous Germs by Smiljka Kitanovic, diatoMedia, LLC
Eternally Artemisia by Melissa Muldoon, Matta Press
Exit the Maze, by Dr. Donna Marks, Westward Publishing

Feasters: An Apocalyptic Tale by Solomon Petchers, Independently Published
Finding the Song by Amy R. Saltz, Independently Published
First Generation Father by Anthony Blankenship, Everything Connects Media

Galagamous The Galactic Garbage Collector by Julia Irwin, Grateful Greek Publishing
Game On? Brain On! by Lindsay Portnoy, Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc.
General Jack and the Battle of the Five Kingdoms by David Bush,
Going Short: An Invitation to Flash Fiction, by Nancy Stohlman, Ad Hic Fiction
Gold Mountain Express by Gene Lassers, West County Investments
Gone: A Memoir of Love, Body and Taking Back My Life by Linda K. Olson, She Writes Press
Guardian of the Groceries by Michael Albanese, The Weight of Ink Publishing

Have a Peak at This by Said Hasyim, Independently Published
Helen’s Orphans by Ron Fritsch, Asymmetric Worlds
Honor Bound: Book II by Athena Ryals, Independently Published
House de Gracie by Dennis Maulsby, NeoLeaf Press

I Don’t Want to Wear a Mask! by Tiffany Turner, Shadowcat Publishing
I Miss You Most by Cassie Hoyt, Tellwell Talent
Inspired Wisdom Word Search: Yoga for the Brain by Cristina Smith and Rick Smith, Post Hill Press

Leadership Behavior DNA by Lee Ellis and Hugh Massie, Freedomstar Media
Leadership Core by Dick Daniels, Leadership Development Group
Leadership is Doing by Pamela J. Newman, Outskirts Press
Life of a Firefly by Sandra Brown Lindstedt, Independently Published
Listen Mama by M.S.P. Williams, Souls Take Flight
Love Poems from New England by Jon Meyer, Brilliant Light Publishing

Marx’s Sophistries by Larry Eubank, Independently Published
Mr. Flopsy: Whispers from God by Christi Eley, Cottontail Publishing

Navigating Life’s Journey by Richard Battle, Outskirts Press
Never Forget Who You Are by Rodney L. Hurst and Rudy F. Jamison Jr. Ed.D., Canon Press Group
Nuclear Option by Dorothy Van Soest, Apprentice House Press

On With the Butter! by Heidi Herman, Hekla Publishing
Outside Looking In by Vivian M. Lumbard, Catalyst Publishers

PERL: The Awakening by Melissa Flesher, Independently Published
Peter and the Whimper-Whineys by Sherrill S. Cannon, Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency

Rainstorm of Tomorrow by Renyuan Dong, MSI Press
Redefining Normal by Justin & Alexis Black, Global Perspectives Publishing
Rift Zone by Tess Taylor, Red Hen Press
Rock Recipes 3 by Barry C. Parsons, Breakwater Books

Scabs: Sudden Crazy Ass Bitch Syndrome by Isabella Ornot, Outskirts Press
Sea of Forgetfulness by Lanie Mores, Tellwell Talent
Side Effects by S. Montana Katz, Guernica World Editions
Some Good Sweet Treats by Jessica Mitton, Breakwater Books
Someone’s Story by Bryan Bellec, Independently Published
Soul Seeker by Kaylin McFarren, Creative Edge Publishing
Such Splendid Prisons by Harvey Solomon, Potomac Books

The Ailing Nation by Nate Link, MD, Outskirts Press
The Creative Advantages of Schizophrenia by Paul Kiritsis, Cambridge Scholars Publishing
The Elixirist by Avraham Azrieli, Azrieli Books
The Feudist by Daniel Herman, TCU Press
The First Robot President by Robert Carlyle Taylor, Reflection Bay Press
The Gifts of Happiness by Oliver Smuhar, Mountain Blue Publishing
The Great Kosher Meat War of 1902 by Scott D. Seligman, Potomac Books
The Haunting of Cedar Hill Plantation by Margaret J. McMaster, Mansbridge Dunn Publishers
The Iceman by Jeanne Blanchet, Outskirts Press
The Midas Death by Diana M. DeLuca, Seafield House
The Mystery of Barbara Fritchie by Tamara Thayer, Minnesota Historical Writers
The Omicron Six by Endy Wright, Koehlerbooks
The Places Left Unfilled by MC Cauley, Independently Published
The Rape Trial of Medusa by Michael Kasenow, Independently Published
The Ruth Adventures: Life on the Farm by Nancy Youngdahl, Mascot Books
The Secret Life of Sofonisba Anguissola by Melissa Muldoon, Matta Press
The Senator’s Suitcase by Mitch Engel, Outskirts Press
The Sword Brotherhood by S.J. Hartland, Dark Blade Publishing
The Third Person in the Room by Bea V. Larsen, Nolan Kerr Press
The World We Choose by Kevin Kunkel, Beaver’s Pond Press
This We Pray | Sea of People by W. Nikola-Lisa, Gyroscope Books
Tokyo Traffic by Michael Pronko, Raked Gravel Press

Understanding the Challenge of No by Colette McNeil, MSI Press

Valentine to Faith by Victoria Foyt, Sand Dollar Press

We Were Once Warriors by Jack Darrell Crowder, Outskirts Press
Weapons of Peace by Peter D. Johnston, Goldbrook Publishing
Weathering the Storm Together by Sid Korpi, Healy House Books
Weekly Soul by Dr. Frederic C. Craigie, Jr., MSI Press
What the Living Remember by Nancy Gerber, Apprentice House
Wicked Ninnish by Michael Scott Curnes, Independently Published
Winterset by Dennis Maulsby, NeoLeaf Press

You Look Something by Jessica Mehta, Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing
You’ve Got Some Nerve by Derryen Plante, Lioncrest Publishing