Literary Awards Finalists for 2018-2019


Children’s Categories

Preschool to Age 5

Ellie’s Car Kindergarten by Lee Zee – Word Arts Vision LLC

Raina's (Un) Happy Birthday by Britta Stromeyer Esmail – Balboa Press

Smeagull the Seagull by Mark Seth Lender – Seahouse Press

 Early Reader – Ages 6-8

Animal Mash-Up by Jean Kingston - Sword & Spoon Group

Growing Up in Alaska by Constance Taylor – Fathom Publishing Co.

Light Up the States by Debbie Hoven – Beaver’s Pond Press

Monday's Ball by Segun O Mosuro - Plasmoid9 Productions Limited

 Young Reader – Ages 8-12

Night Life by Donna Somboonlakana – Outskirts Press

The Lost Secret of Time by Tiffany Turner – Shadowcat Publishing

The Tukor's Journey by Jeannine Kellogg – Jagged Compass, LLC

Teens – Ages 12-16

Alone Together by Robert Hill – CreateSpace

Babble Magic by Miguel Lopez de Leon – BookBaby

The Brain Pioneer by Howard Eaton – BookBaby

 Young Adult – Ages 15 and Up

Above the Star by Alexis Marie Chute – SparkPress

The Crossroads of Logan Michaels by James M. Roberts – Koehler Books

The Gifts of Life by Oliver Smuhar – Blue Mountain Publishing

The Iron Citadel by Mitch Reinhardt – Mitch Reinhardt


Adult Categories

(For books with a copyright date prior to 2018)

Almost A Murder by Jody Seay and Jim Lloyd - Koho Pono, LLC (2017)

Disowned by Tikiri – Red Heeled Rebels (2017)

Waking Isabella by Melissa Muldoon – Matta Press (2017)

(For books with a copyright date prior to 2018)

In the Temple of Wolves by Rick Lamplugh – CreateSpace (2014)

Lessons From My Grandfather: Wisdom for Success in Business and Life by Marc Demetriou – Highpoint Life (2017)

Please Stay by Greg Payan – CreateSpace (2017)

Adult Fiction Categories


Dreamwander: In the Ruins of Eden Vol. 1 by Kildare – Kildare Press, LLC

Shadow King by Susan K. Hamilton – Quill

The Heretic's Guide to Homecoming by Sienna Tristen – Molewhale Press

The Eclipse Dancer by Laura Koerber – Who Chains You

General Fiction/Novel

Achieving Superpersonhood by William Peace - Strategic Book Pub. & Rights Agency, LLC

Armed Men and Armadillos by John Earl Sharp – Dog Ear Publishing

Awakening by Jackie Goldman – CreateSpace

It's About Luke by Gwenyth Snow – FriesenPress

Pleasure and Power by Doug Brendel – CreateSpace

Tears Before Exaltation by Fidelis Mkparu – Harvard Square Editions

Tilda's Promise by Jean P. Moore – She Writes Press

Historical Fiction

A Hundred Fires in Cuba by John Thorndike – Beck and Branch Publishers

Cordelia Lionheart by Ron Fritsch - Asymmetric Worlds

The Aunties by Debbie Boucher – Outskirts Press

The Comedian by Clem Martini – University of Calgary Press

The Walls of Lucca by Steve Physioc – CreateSpace


It Took Billy by Miguel Lopez de Leon – BookBaby

Memoir from Hell by Stephen Ross – Black Parrot Books

Mountain of the Dead by Jeremy Bates – Ghillinnein Books


Finding Mr. Wrong by George Kaplan – Black Opal Books

Lexicon: American Style 2 by Patrick Ragains – Outskirts Press

The Last Thunk by Gerard Farrell – Greenpoint Press

Will There Be Free Appetizers? by Don Ake – Wojelay Publishing


Cockloft: Scenes from a Gay Marriage by Kyle Thomas Smith – Gatekeeper Press

Last on a Match by Diana K. Perkins – Shetucket Hollow Press


Black Hearts White Minds by Mitch Margo – Mission Possible Press

Death Unchartered by Dorothy Van Soest – Apprentice House

Pick Your Poison by Becky Hatcher Crabtree – Fathom Publishing Co.

The Moving Blade by Michael Pronko – Raked Gravel Press

The Staten Island Butcher by George Hopkins – CreateSpace

The TRIBAL Case by Theresa M. Janson – Red Garnet Press


A Dime is a Sign by Sherrill S. Cannon – Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency LLC

Poems of Love, From My Heart to Yours, Vol. 1 by Kerry C. Irons – Outskirts Press

Vice and Virtue by Paul Kloschinsky – CreateSpace


Along Came A Cowboy by Bev Pettersen – Westerhall Press

Her Viking Heart by Heidi Herman – Hekla Publishing LLC

The Earl and the Enchantress by Paullett Golden – Paullett Golden


Purgatorium by J.H. Carnathan – J.H. Carnathan

River's Child by Mark Daniel Seiler – Owl House Books

Tara by J.G. Possum – Outskirts Press

Short Stories/Novellas

3 Women, 4 Towns, 5 Bodies by Townsend Walker – Deeds Publishing

The Lost Heifetz and Other Stories by Michael Tabor – S&S Books LLC

What Some Would Call Lies by Rob Davidson – Formal Feeling Publishing

Adult NON-Fiction Categories


Blossoming Hope by Tonya D. Armstrong – Overflowing Hope Media

How to be the REAL You by Darity Wesley – Lotus Wisdom Publishing

The Butterfly Series by Maria Ramos-Chertok – CreateSpace


Small Town Big Money by Colby Williams – Colby Williams

The Employee Millionaire by H.J. Chammas - Partridge Publishing Singapore

To Make Riders Faster by Anna Dopico – A Dopico Consulting Inc.

 Cultural/Societal Issues

America Deconstructed by Chaithanya Sohan – Motivational Press

From Behind by David Jerome – Smack Books, LLC


Big Brother in the Exam Room by Twila Brase – Beaver’s Pond Press

The Awakening by David Winston – Tellwell Talent

The Work at Home Training Program by Bethany Mooradian – CreateSpace


Forty Gavels: The Life of Reuben Soderstrom and the Illinois AFL-CIO - Volume I, II and III
by Carl W. Soderstrom MD, Robert W. Soderstrom, Chris M. Stevens, Andrew W. Burt – CWS Publishing

Recounting the Anthrax Attacks by R. Scott Decker - Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

The Third Degree by Scott D. Seligman – Potomac Books


Amsterdam Exposed by David Wienir – De Wallen Press

Remembering Shanghai by Claire Chao and Isabel Sun Chao – Plum Brook

The Wilds of Aging by Rick Lamplugh – CreateSpace

Without a Map by Lisa Steele-Maley – Turning Stone Press


Deciding on Joy by Stephanie D. Barnes – Fruition Group LLC

My Backyard Garden by Debra Hester – Outskirts Press

Without a Map by Lisa Steele-Maley – Turning Stone Press


Child of Grace by Chris Brown – Christian Faith Publishing

Three Weeks to Forgiveness by Kimberly Dewberry – Electio Publishing

Unwelcome Opportunity by Richard V. Battle – Outskirts Press


15-Minute Pause by Michelle Burke and Lilamani de Silva – Silver Thread Publishing

Deciding on Joy by Stephanie D. Barnes – Fruition Group LLC

How to be the REAL You by Darity Wesley – Lotus Wisdom Publishing


Arizona & New Mexico: 25 Scenic Side Trips by Rick Quinn – Imbrifex Books

From Behind by David Jerome – Smack Books, LLC

Weeds of Dewey-Humboldt, AZ by Garry Rogers – CreateSpace